BACK2THEFRESH (EX) We’ve been paying extremely close attention to the Mexican Presidents wishes over the last two years, and watched its effect. The Mexican President first requested that the modern day Spanish Royal Family apologize to the indigenous for what took place 500 years ago in 2019. Now he’s requesting the same thing. So here goes nothing. “We don’t need Spanish being spoken on one NATIVE AMERICAN RESERVATION in the United States or Canada period.”

I don’t have any ill will or resentment towards the modern day Spanish Royal Family for what their ancestors did. I’m willing to move forward on all 4 cyclinders when it comes to future endeavors.

My decision is based upon the fact that Native Americans kept blaiming the Italian Christopher Columbus for historical wars when the Italian language isn’t the primary language of any indigenous group on earth.

Only the future can speak for the future.

God Bless Everyone.

The Chief Prince Adam Of EXCALIBERSHINE

Duronn “Justis” James

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For the first time, Philadelphia will celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day on the second week of October. This change was instituted via Executive Order 2-21 which was signed by Mayor Jim Kenney on Jan. 2