BACK2THEFRESH (EX) The Islamic regime, The Taliban takes over the Islamic country Afghanistan, and U.S citizens want to impeach President Joe Biden for it.

After The Taliban took over Afghanistan, Russia, and China, publicly announced that they’d side with them. That’s the true reason they want Joe Biden impeached.

Over the last few years while Russia and China showed the world they were allies, by displaying the worlds largest military demonstration. The Taliban and ISIS claimed to be clear enemies of the U.S.

Now they’re all public allies who have to be against the U.S. Joe Biden’s relatively new to his position that came with the aftermath of both former U.S Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

By the U.S wanting to impeach Joe Biden, that’s it’s way of saying that there’s no way the U.S can win this war. The would-be-king presidents crown is too heavy to make a mistake.

Where’d ISIS go that quick?