BACK2THEFRESH (EX) Rap Artist and Music Producer Kanye West has managed to become the wealthiest black man in U.S history at 6 billion dollars. He rose from Chicago Illinois associated with the gang known as Crips. While Donald Trump was U.S President Kanye visited the White House and told Donald Trump that he was Larry Hoover. Larry Hoovers known as a Gangster Disciple, a faction of the Crips. Publically Kanye also rose through the church and continues to represent Christianity.

I’m the founder of Excalibershine, and members have to get an FBI background check in order to enter. That process filters out who’s evil and illegal.

I’ve also corrected an error that was made 27 centuries ago called “Duronns Moment“. Historically it’s more accurate than the Myan, Egyptian, Islamic, Coptic, Julian, Gregorian, and all calenders.

Between Kanye West and I, who do you think has the greatest potential to do evil?