BACK2THEFRESH (EX) I hear that the New York Mafia’s upset that I’m outside infront of the general public more than I should be. And that they are more upset about the fact that I don’t own a vehicle to maneuver around in.

I was just in New York last week so they should know. And I know that they are in South Jersey where I live.
I know I shouldn’t be outside as much but I have to work to earn income. People know who I am, they’re just trying to take advantage of my situation because no one in my area is even mentioning the fact that I have records on radio.

They’re not helping me with anything. They’re not proud of me. These are the same people who watched me while I had amnesia for 4yrs, after I got hit by a car in 2010.
No one expected me to recover. If New York thought that South Jersey or Philadelphia has been helping me out they’re wrong. Or they’ve been lied too.

New York has known about me being Joey Merlino’s son for years. And he and I have never met. So they can’t blame him. Maybe when Joeys not in the Philadelphia/ South Jersey area someone else is claiming to be who he is.

I’ll be back up to New York soon because I know I belong up there. I don’t have any friends where I am.

Thanks for caring. It means alot.