BACK2THEFRESH (EX) Our terror investigation has been going on “unfunded” for 6yrs, and “we” are outnumbered. “We” are not a negatively oriented “global platform”, but terrorism should never be allowed to victimize the innocent.

“We” are in the streets, offices, and amongst the people physically witnessing responses, and strategic behavior, that either communicates extremism, or insanity. But none of the communication has been in the form of a terror tip.

So we have no choice but to publicly ask for The Cartels and The Mafia’s for help, by leaving anonymous terror tips on our telephone at 856 – 524 – 2763. No one has to know who you are.

But if that doesn’t happen we can only suspect that terrorist are involved in “organized crime” and the drug trade.

Through research and development, “we” understand why many religious “acts” of terrorism takes place. And “we” know that it’s a response to evil, but terrorism is the world’s greatest threat. There has to be another way.