BACK2THEFRESH (EX) The reason the new owner of (@elonmusk) is having so much resistance with the inner workings of the company, is because they are loyal to Jack Dorsey (@jack).

We were around when they replaced Jack the first time for a few years, and had to bring him back as acting CEO, in order for it to operate the way it was intended. We believe that Elon Musk was predicted to do extraordinarily great things.

I mean he has already changed the world, on multiple occasions, and he is still doing it. “Elon” tell people you’re with the “evolution” and that if the group of people that have been classified as a “revolution” keeps revolving around you, in order to obtain knowledge from the outside looking in, then you will just have to send a “resistance” in their direction.

A revolution only has 30% of the truth so it will never function at it’s full potential, because of the remaining 70% that it doesn’t have. Making it extremely destructive, instead of constructive like the “evolution” is.

I mean they don’t know, so let them know, and they’ll ease up some, because you have their best interest in mind. Good luck.