New Album: “Please Don’t Sue Me”



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That “Red, White, & Blue”
Hip Pop

I actually put this album together from scratch in front of my fans and supporters online. We just had a talent search earlier this year and no one entered it. So I decided to put verses of different artist on the beats I produced to enhance their sound. All verses are recycled except mines. If you would like a copy of the FREE album email us at

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  • All records reproduced & remastered by Duronn “Justis” James except “15 Minute Mix”  and “What You Got”

To hear, watch, and read, all music, film, & literature by Duronn “Justis” James click on the links below:

Book: “All Sun All Moon

Film: “Clout” & “About Excalibershine

Music:  Stars And Bars” Instrumental CD Vol.1,2,3,&4

  • “NEO” Out August 1st 2019 (Excalibershine Enterprises LLC)

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Trail Running In Autumn 🇺🇸


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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Trail and street running is something that I’ve enjoyed for years. After running in 5 cities 5 years ago, I officially called myself a trail runner. I love to run in New York and Philadelphia Pa, but my favorite place to run is and forever will be Oslo.

The hills and mini waterfalls are always a sight for sore eyes day or night. The sound of water falling and crashing down on stones is as soothing to the mind as meditation.

I’ve run on the Sicilian beach at night during the summer, but nothing does it for me like Autumn in Oslo.

When the orange and yellow leaves blanket the ground like a carpet beneath your feet. And the clouds are as fluffy as pillows in the sky. Count me in to run by your side.

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