“All Sun All Moon” July 4th 2018.



After releasing a music and film project this year, I’ve decided to release my book “All Sun All Moon” Tuesday July 4th, 2018 instead of January 4th 2018.

Films: “Clout” & “About Excalibershine”

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Clout is the name of a character from the book “All Sun All Moon”

Excalibershine means: “All Sun All Moon” – chiefprinceadam.com

Music: Download ” Stars And Bars” Instrumental CD Vol. 1,2,3,&4 (2017) by Justis James for free by clicking here: Stars And Bars

“NEO” Release Date: 2018

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(January 22nd 2018 edition)

The Back2TheFresh Quarterly Vol.2 No.1

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Rumor Control: I’m Not Responsible For Joey Merlinos Mistrial.



Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 12.20.48 AM

The rumor about me being responsible Joey Merlino’s mistrial is totally false. I don’t think I directly or indirectly have anything to do with the Jurys decision. In fact he’s the father that I’ve never met.

Before the mistrial took place, I was in a store in Philadelphia Pa when an African-American Islamic male, told me that Philadelphia Pa told Joey Merlino never to come back. He said that after he heard that he was my father. I’m in Philly all of the time, so I was shocked to hear that. I’m always working, and I’m out in the open. People know where I live and work. The only thing I can do in my position is to keep my karma good.