“All Sun All Moon” July 4th 2018.



After releasing a music and film project this year, I’ve decided to release my book “All Sun All Moon” Tuesday July 4th, 2018 instead of January 4th 2018.

Films: “Clout” & “About Excalibershine”

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Clout is the name of a character from the book “All Sun All Moon”

Excalibershine means: “All Sun All Moon” – chiefprinceadam.com

Music: Download ” Stars And Bars” Instrumental CD Vol. 1,2,3,&4 (2017) by Justis James for free by clicking here: Stars And Bars

“NEO” Release Date: 2018

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Give President (@realDonaldTrump) Some Slack.


BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Former U.S president Barack Obama and the U.S government lifted the embargo with Cuba, just before he left office. That basically infuriated the Russia government because the Cubans are Russian enemies.

In 2016 I mentioned how smoking a Cuban Cigar in America wouldn’t be a crime soon. I verbatimly said, “The United States Of America hasn’t done business with Cuba in decades. Thanks to Barack Obama, smoking a Cuban Cigar in America soon, wouldn’t be considered a crime.”

I initially was going to vote for Hillary Clinton, but I changed my mind at the last-minute, because I did not feel as though she was prepared for Barack Obama’s aftermath. So I voted for Donald Trump, and he won.

So for every single American turning on Donald Trump, understand that he is merely trying to solve the problems our former President handed down to him.

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