They want me out of the American music pot,
But [Elvis is alive] and I’m the new music box,
Brons on my feet silk shoes and sox,
Mazel Tov, don’t make me grow Jewish locks,
Prince Naseem hands, somethin’ like I use to box,
Clean flow, Irish Spring, Druids pop,
Europe ride the streets on sewer tops,
What you know about that Royal money? Move it Yock,
We a fold a culture back like drug money,
2006 Mac 11 Kid, they love money,
We let it circle, and turn the earth more,
Royal mason, what that symbol on my shirt for?
It’s rough out here, break a plastic comb,
You talk a good one but the shit don’t match a throne,
You gotta classic song? Wit a matchin’ poem?
I heard the whole shit, and ya facts are wrong.