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100 Benjamins

I, play chess, all queens and heavy kings,
Re-spect the architect, Houdini infront of everything,
I put Nas in a song I did with West London,
Back in twenty thirteen (whisper) prepare for fresh comin’,
I’m young illmatic, plus I got the best runnin’,
Don’t make me Hussain Bolt a ninja like I’m comin’
On a track, on a track, with a verse & a hook,
Got ya girl on my back with a purse, pocket books,
Wit some cash in it, I got that fashion,
Bottles on deck yea don’t be last in it,
Back2thefresh, back2themoney & the cash,
Change 4 A Dolla Records I’m the future & the past,
You went to church to read genesis?,
The Cartels……The Syndicates,
All a kid ever dreams about is 100 benjamins,
A couple of cars, tryna come up out the tenaments,
Nas I know my history,
2013 I was switchin’ hotels in Sicily,
My dad made the eastcoast news,
They was talkin’ bout the LCN and made it look cool,
Sanatras, imposters, all these jimmy hoffas, off my chakras,
My niggas, we heard you a monster,
So, we came, we saw, we conquered,
They tryna be it we love it,
Purple haze for the duches, we a see it like fuck it,
Quarterback shit I know my past life paid,
In my Siamese jays in my last night rays,
Armani Exchange, light stain,
Nice chain, dice game, Excalibershine Nation I might claim,
It’s like Change 4 A Dolla Records fresher than all that,
I’m in search of Perfection like I’m all that,

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