Despite volatility in the stock market and a prolonged trade war between the U.S. and China, it’s been a successful year for new billionaires. More than 200 people around the world joined Forbes’ billionaire ranks since January. The new members range in age from 21 to 90, and built fortunes in everything from electric vehicles to down jackets.

Forbes picked ten newcomers — most of whom are self-made — who tapped their entrepreneurial skills to turn themselves or their products into household names. Four created companies in food and beverages, including Anthony von Mandl, the man behind popular hard seltzer White Claw, and GT Dave, who hawks more than $250 million of kombucha a year. Another newcomer, Herbert Wertheim, went from facing truancy charges to being one of the greatest buy-and-hold investors in the United States. And Tatyana Bakalchuk became the second-ever female billionaire in Russia after starting an e-commerce site while on maternity leave. Read more by clicking here: Forbes