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Draco From Pennsylvania

After music and film I’m running for president. And I’m watching alot of people on the east coast make alot of mistakes. Don’t stop keep going while we all watch ASS HOLES. Just because each state in the United States has different laws now doesn’t mean that those borders that each state has can’t be knocked down making it borderless. Like the Schengen area in Europe #OneWorld. So the more the United States keeps acting like I’m not in the music and film business, the quicker the future comes to this nation. Barack has only two years left in office. Respect the future. I mean the United States Of America Inc is a corporation and as a business that name can change to something else legally. But what do I know… There’s a drug war going on in America. Federal law doesn’t care what local law says about the legalization of marijuana. So the law is at war with each other. And if the American law is at war with each other how long will America stand before another country says, “Hey, look at these ass holes. They don’t even see us coming because they are at war with each other” Internal threats are the cause of nations collapsing. And you know what? It’s a disgrace to call America The United States because it’s not united. The United Kingdom is United. Take notes… They didn’t see that until I explained it. Give me my shades.

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